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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day.  Give me beer, corned beef, and an excessive amount of potatoes any day and I am one happy gal!  I have already consumed shepherd’s pie, stuffed cabbage, and Guinness corned beef along with a few bottles of my favorite Irish ale, Smithwick’s (and that was all in one day).  On St. Patrick’s Day itself, you will find me knocking back a few pints with some good friends at a local Irish pub.  I also decided to make a batch of Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, after drooling over them on Pinterest one too many times.

For me, this cupcake is exactly what someone like me needs.  I get all the fun of taking a shot but with an added bonus of sugary delight and none of the hangover (although it did give one person a migraine after ingesting so much sugar).  Let’s just be honest – I am not hard core enough to pound a shot that has the potential to actually curdle if it’s not downed in one gulp.  Just pass me a beer and I’ll stick with my cupcake.

The recipe I used is from Brown Eyed Baker (and I followed it exactly).  It includes a Guinness chocolate cupcake, whiskey ganach filling, and a Baily’s frosting.  You cannot taste the Guinness in the cupcake, but I must say it made an incredibly moist chocolate cake and I will probably use it in the future.

I have been working with alcohol in a few recipes over the last year (champagne, chianti, Baily’s, and beer).  This got me thinking…and hopefully I’m not about to give away a million dollar idea…but there should be a bar that serves cupcakes.  Just close your eyes and picture it for a moment.  You are sitting a bar enjoying a nice glass of your favorite pinot noir.  It has a rich flavor but is so light.  You feel like you want something else…but what is it?  That’s when the bartender hands you a chianti chocolate cupcake.  The chocolate is sweet and the chianti frosting is almost tangy.  You sip your wine and then take another bite of your cupcake…and you realize that you just found heaven.  Do you know what it would be called?  The Boozy Cupcake