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Whimsical Birthday Cupcakes

Fact: Being an adult can really suck!

There are definite perks of course (yes, I can eat ice cream and pizza WHENEVER I WANT); but overall you have all kinds of responsibilities like bills, laundry and grocery shopping.

Adult activities are TERRIBLE!  Like buying a house!  What should be an exciting endeavor is in fact a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

I might have enjoyed my childhood a bit more had I realized how precious those carefree years really were.  Peter Pan really had the right idea…why grow up?  Of course, until we discover the location of Neverland, I will continue to age and spend money on things like mortgage payments and health insurance.

My good friend Alex Roque recently celebrated her birthday and I am convinced that deep down inside, she will never grow up (one of the many things I love about her).  She did, after all, celebrate her birthday chasing Peter Pan around Disneyland.

For her birthday party, she had a very adult sit down dinner at an Italian restaurant but with a touch of whimsy!  Centerpieces included tiny lace crowns, favors were little jars of fairy dust (sugar), and I made her some shimmery flower cupcakes.

What would have been a fancy and sophisticated dinner with a normal group of adults turned into something much more exciting for us.  It included a dirty mad-libs card and an exciting rendition of “Happy Birthday” where I somehow flung the birthday girl’s glass of red wine across the table.

It’s ok though, because the birthday girl’s sister also knocked over a glass of wine that night so I wasn’t the only clumsy one the wait staff wanted to toss out.

But I made cupcakes, so that totally makes up for any party foul, right?

Fact: Mismatched blue cake stands make cupcakes automatically more interesting.

The flowers were made out of gum paste and decorated with petal dust, luster dust, and black pearl sprinkles.  I used white melting candy to attach the pearl sprinkles and flowers

The cupcakes themselves are two different recipes, which I did not change much.

I made White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes from Love & Olive Oil.  The only change I made was to replace the all-purpose flour with gluten-free flour (since the birthday girl is gluten-intolerant).  I have to admit being a little worried and confused when I read the recipe and it didn’t include eggs…but these cupcakes turned out amazing and super moist!  I have some leftover frosting so I will probably be making them again very soon.

The second cupcakes were Tiramisu from Brown Eyed Baker.  I added a simple filling to these ones – I made chocolate pudding using about half as much milk as called for and adding a few tablespoons of strong brewed coffee and then folded it into some whipped cream.   I also used the gluten-free flour for this one.  Now, I know I am my own worst critic, but I didn’t think these turned out quite as well.  The cake portion of the recipe requires whipping the eggs and then folding in the flour mixture.  I have had this problem before when I made a gluten-free angel food cake – the gluten free flour just doesn’t incorporate into the eggs the way it should.  I may need to look into different gluten free flour mixtures in the future to fix this one that is a bit lighter.

How can you not feel young when nibbling on these sugary toppings and yummy cupcakes?


About Elizabeth Hofeldt

I am just another woman in her mid-twenties. Who should have been born in 1942 and feels more at home in her kitchen then anywhere else. I bake, I run, I craft, and try to squeeze in work five days a week so that I can afford my shoe collection.

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