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Harry Potter Cupcakes

I’m a total Fangirl and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Well ok, maybe I keep some of my fandoms well hidden.  But overall I would say I’m still a perfectly normal adult woman who just happens to have a slight obsessive nature when it comes to popular culture.

Let me explain further.

According to Urban Dictionary, there are two definitions for Fangirl:

  1. (derogatory) a female fan, obsessed with something (or someone) to a frightening or sickening degree.
  2. (playful, good-natured) less extreme, a female fan who can laugh at their own passion for their particular interest (or even obsession).

I am most assuredly the second definition.

I mainly place myself into four fandoms:

  1. Whedonites: Fans of all the work of Joss Whedon – although my personal favorites are Firefly and Buffy.
  2. Whovians: Fans of the greatest show ever to be on television in the history of the world, Doctor Who.  I think I would even leave my husband for David Tennant if he ever showed up in a blue police box.  For our anniversary, my husband even got me a plush Dalek who says “EXTERMINATE” and “you would make a good Dalek”.
  3. Bronies: I know I should call myself a “pegasister”, but I thing Brony sounds a bazillion times cooler.  You have all seen my Brony Birthday Cake, so you know me and my husband are both huge fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  4. Potterheads: Harry Potter…I don’t think further explanation is necessary.

Since I’m a very nostalgic person I often find myself drifting back to previously read books despite stacks of unread books lining my bookshelves.  Which is how I ended up re-reading the entire Harry Potter series for the eleventy millionth time.  I also forced my husband to re-watch all of the movies.

Harry Potter was my first fandom and it will always be special to me.  I’m part of the generation that grew up alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione and waited anxiously for the books to be released.  I went to midnight book releases and movie premiers (yeah, I even dressed up a few times because I am THAT committed).

Which brings me to these:

I made these cupcakes to bring to the midnight viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.   Since moving to California in 2004, I’ve attended every midnight release with Alex Roque and an assortment of friends we picked up along the way.  We were the crazy people sitting on blankets along the sidewalk for hours and hours drinking coffee and playing Apples to Apples.  And this was the last movie, so I thought it needed something special.  And nothing says special like cupcakes.

The recipe was nothing special (chocolate cupcakes spiked with a copious amount of espresso and vanilla frosting).  The decorations were all made with fondant I tinted with gel food coloring.  Piping was done with chocolate melting candy.  On the scarves I used edible writing pens.  For the shield I made edible paint my mixing gel food coloring with corn syrup.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A small note on the Ravenclaw scarf: I chose to stick with the movie colors of grey and blue even though the book shows their colors as bronze and blue.


A Very Brony Birthday

So, I have a tendency to make lofty plans for myself that include a complete disregard for how much time is actually in each day.  I forget that I can’t get 8 hours of sleep, work 8 hours, and still have time to complete 293 hours of baking, DIY crafts and social activities all in one day.  As a result, my brilliant plans to blog twice a week have gone completely out the window.

I am re-thinking my aims for this blog.  I have changed the tagline from “The sweetest blog around” to “real stories of a modern housewife”.  Basically, I don’t want to feel pressured to create some marvelous baked treat every week to share, but I still want to be able to blog on a regular basis.  This was my brilliant solution.

This time, however, I do have a marvelous baked treat to share:

Photograph by Moxie Blue Photography

Has anyone else fallen in love with My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic?  If not, proceed directly to Netflix and watch it.  NOW!  Do not continue reading this post as you will not properly appreciate this masterful creation.  I hear you neigh-sayers (pony pun intended) who think you are too good for MLP.  I have anticipated your resistance and have compiled a short list as to why this show is amazing:

  1. MLP’s creator, Lauren Faust, was a story artist for The Powerpuff Girls and head writer for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.
  2. Two words: SONIC RAINBOOM!  You know you want to find out the awesomeness the name suggests.
  3. Star Trek fans?  John de Lancie (who played Q in Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager) appropriately does the voice for the mischievous Discord in season 2 of MLP.
  4. Derpy Hooves.
  5. Nobody throws a party like Pinkie Pie.

Obviously when I saw a request on facebook from Moxie Blue Photography to create a cake for a Brony-themed birthday party, I jumped at the chance!  The party was for her son’s 4th birthday.

Since the birthday boy’s favorite pony is Applejack, I focused on her for the cake.  Since she runs Sweet Apple Orchard, I made Sweet Apple Cinnamon Cake and Apple-Barrel Cupcakes.  In addition, I made Cutie Mark Cupcakes to represent the Mane Six!

(all photographs by Moxie Blue Photography)

The Applejack figure on the cake was purchased from  She is also a spoon!  However, she didn’t come with her trademark cowboy hat, so I fashioned one out of polymer clay.

I used a compilation of recipes to create each magical confection.

The Sweet Apple Cinnamon Cake and Apple-Barrel Cupcakes consisted of cinnamon cake and apple filling from Craving Chronicles, Hershey’s caramel drizzle, and Swiss buttercream from Sprinkle Bakes.  I baked the cake in a 6-inch circle and 8-inch square pan (with enough batter left to make 6 cupcakes and 12 mini cupcakes).  I cut out a second 6-inch circle layer from the square layer and used the salvage to create the hay bale.  I also cut out the centers of the cupcakes so I could fill them with the apple filling.

The Cute Mark Cupcakes were a vanilla cake and vanilla frosting from a Better Homes and Garden magazine I purchased a long time ago at the super market:

I dyed the cupcakes to match the bodies of each of the Mane 6 and the frosting to match their mane’s.  The cutie marks were made from fondant.  They were filled with a simple recipe I use for Chocolate Mousse: take instant chocolate pudding and mix with 1.25 cups milk, fold into about 2 cups of fresh whipped cream.  I suggest making the whipped cream from scratch – cool whip with not work well for this.

And there you have it!  This is without a doubt my favorite cake I have ever made!